March 11, 2014

Therapeutic Associates Racing Time Trial at PIR P/B WEST END BIKES

April 20, 2014


Therapeutic Associates Racing and West End Bikes are pleased to host the 4th annual time trial race at Portland International Raceway. Come test your legs and TT equipment on the wide-open track and superb asphalt of PIR. This is a well run and fun event that fits perfectly into the start of the racing season.  The event is part of the OBRA TT Cup.


Junior Men 10-12, Junior Men 13-14, Junior Men 15-16, Junior Men 17-18

Junior Women 10-14, Junior Women 15-18

Senior Men (P/1/2), Men Cat 3, Cat 4/5 Men Masters 30+, Masters 40+, Masters 50+, Masters 60+

Senior Women (P/1/2), Women Cat 3, Cat 4/5 Women Masters 30+, Masters 40+, Masters 50+ , Masters 60+

Eddy Senior Men, Eddy Senior Women, Tandem


Advanced registration – $17.50

Day of registration – $20. Tandem registration – $25.

Single Day OBRA license available on site.


Portland International Raceway.   From I-5 take exit #306B west. The racetrack is located immediately west of the freeway.


6 laps at 2 miles per lap on the best asphalt in Oregon going counter-clockwise.

Rider is responsible for lap count.

Registration/Start Time On-line registration available thru OBRA.

Day of race registration opens 8:30am, closes at 9:30am sharp.

First Rider off at 10:00am. Start times will be posted on OBRA Chat.


This race is an OBRA event. OBRA rules and helmet regulations apply to all participants! (OBRA Rule 15.5.5 – No Drafting: No rider may ride closer than 25 meters behind and 2 meters to the side of another rider. A rider attempting to pass another rider must complete the pass within 500 meters, otherwise the rider must drop back at least 25 meters behind the other rider.)

Promoters and officials reserve the right to combine categories. Please stay off the course. Bring rollers or wind trainers to keep you close to the start and to cut down on congestion. Get your OBRA race numbers before the event. Have number and license with you. Pin number on left side.

The Eddy category has specific rules. Riders in this class will compete without aero bars or extensions. Disc wheels are not allowed. Fairings are not allowed. Aero helmets are not allowed (any helmet specifically built as an aero helmet and any helmets that has been modified to approximate a helmet specifically built as a TT helmet is not allowed). Skinsuits are not allowed.  Wheels with rims greater than 40mm in depth are not allowed. Bicycles which may have aerodynamic shapes but are designated to be sold as road bicycles (and are not user modified time trial bicycles) ARE allowed.



Questions? nick_manny@hotmail.com